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By David Redfern . 29 November, 2015

Cascade Heating Installations Offer Specific Benefits

Cascade Heating Installations Offer Specific Benefits
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Cascade Heating Installations Offer Specific Benefits They Offer Better Value than a Traditional Single Boiler System

Cascade heating installations involve installing more than a single boiler. These systems have certain advantages over the traditional single boiler heating and hot water systems.

Cascade installations offer higher efficiency while delivering the same output. When the heating demand is low, only one low power boiler need to fire. Both can fire when the heating demand goes up. The single boiler installation will typically use a higher power boiler that will consume more energy even during low demand.

Cascading systems also offer redundancy. If one boiler goes down, the other can still provide hot water and heating (even if not to the full extent in cold conditions). The faulty boiler can be disconnected from the electrical system and the other one can continue functioning. This option is not available if you have only a single boiler.

Overall the cascade system delivers better value.

Configuring Plumbing and Electrics

To derive its full potential, the system must have appropriate electrical and plumbing configurations. These include:

  • The electrical circuit must provide for isolating one system while operating the other.
  • The thermostat must be fitted to the common return so that water temperature can be sensed whether one boiler is operating or both.
  • The plumbing should provide for water not flowing through both boilers when only one is operating.
  • Fire valves must be fitted to sense fire in either of the boilers and to cut off fuel to both in case of fire in either.

The condensate drainage system also needs attention.

Call Reltub Plumbing & Heating

Reltub in Nottingham employs engineers who undergo training at periodic intervals in heating systems. They are familiar with different makes and models of boilers and other components. They are also Gas Safe certified and insured.

You will find them friendly and helpful. Discuss about the pros and cons of installing a cascade system with them.

You can always call Reltub at 0115 849 4863.

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