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By David Redfern . 29 April, 2016

Central Heating Installation Servicing Once Every Twelve Months Ensures Safe and Problem Free Operation

Central Heating Installation Servicing Once Every Twelve Months Ensures Safe and Problem Free Operation
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Central Heating Installation Servicing in Nottingham

Ensure Safe and Problem Free Operation through regular Checks

Most homes these days will have many gas appliances such as boilers, gas fires, hobs, grills and ovens. Gas leaks can occur at many points in such an installation. Leaking gas can cause devastating consequences including loss of life. Make sure you have your central heating system serviced!

Why expose your family and yourself to this risk! If your heating installation has not been checked for some time, the possibility of leaks and other dangerous developments increase. Have your installation checked at least once every twelve months.

Heating Installation Servicing by Reltub

Reltub Plumbing & Heating Ltd will do a comprehensive gas safety check at your premises in Nottingham. All our engineers are Gas Safe certified and are also familiar with all types and models of gas boilers. They undergo periodic training sessions organised by equipment manufacturers.

Our engineers will inspect all the appliances and other fittings, test pressure and ventilation, and identify any potential problems before they become too serious. They will also check that all applicable safety regulations are being adhered to. This kind of inspection once every year can ensure both your safety and problem free operation for the installation.

Emergency Servicing

In addition to safety checks and consultation, Reltub attend to emergency calls in a highly responsive manner. We are fully aware of the danger that a faulty heating installation can cause and advise you over the phone then and there how to minimise the risks. And on an average, our engineer will be at your place within two hours.

Our manufacturer trained engineers are fully equipped to do all kinds of gas work. All the work ranging across gas pipe repairs through boiler servicing and gas fire installation to new boiler installation will be done in accordance with the latest safety regulations. Above all, you will find our engineers friendly and helpful.

Call Reltub at 0115 849 4863 to book a gas safety consultation.

Quick and Guaranteed Work

When the heating goes wrong in your establishment, we understand you want the problem sorted as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss. Call us now and our Gas Safe engineers will be at your place within 2 hours (on average) to get your central heating back up and running.

Remember :

All our work is fully guaranteed for 12 months

No hidden charges

Average response of just 1 to 2 hours Appointments to suit you

Call us now on 0115 849 4863 or send us a message via our website to book your Gas Safe engineer today!

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