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Commercial heating Solutions

Commercial heating Solutions
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Commercial Heating: The Answers

The GB162 50kW can automatically modulate its output down to less than 30% in order to precisely match the demand for heat. This reduces fuel consumption and improves overall seasonal efficiency considerably.

It’s fully compatible with the Energy Management System (EMS) modular controls platform, optimising performance by keeping the boiler in condensing mode for as long as possible. EMS also provides comprehensive heating system functionality and ensures minimal energy usage at all times.

NOx (at 0% oxygen, dry mg/kWh): 27
Net efficiency (temperatures of 50/30°C): 110%
Seasonal efficiency (as L2B): 95.9%


  • The ErP Directive is a new EU regulation designed to drive improvements in the efficiency of heating and hot water products. Most boilers will fall within the A band, meaning they achieve more than 90% seasonal efficiency, while renewable technologies such as heat pumps will likely be in the A+ or A++ bands.
  • Condensing technology with up to 110% net efficiency – saves fuel compared to standard efficiency boiler
  • Modulation to just 30% of total output – year-round efficiency according to seasonal demand
  • Two GB162 50kW cascade* is an ideal solution for heating demands of up to 50kW where a back-up boiler is essential. e.g. a nursing home, care and residential houses.
  • Award winning ALU-Plus heat exchanger – added durability and low cost servicing
  • Ultra low emission levels – cleaner combustion and increased carbon savings
  • Quick and easy installation – time saving
  • Integrates with solar thermal installations – maximises savings from solar hot water
  • Individual lift weight only 70kg – aids installation
  • Whisper quiet – can be sited near occupied rooms
  • Intuitive user controls – increased system functionality and reduced running costs
  • LPG conversion available – ideal for off-mains-gas locations

*When total net input is above 70kW, such as the cascade example above, Commercial ACS qualifications are required for installers.

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